RCB Bank in Stroud

On July 21, 2023 the RCB Bank in Stroud will consolidate with BancFirst Stroud at 602 W Main.
You will see the same friendly faces that you know and depend upon.
What to Expect – Friday July 21, 2023

We want to make your account conversion to BancFirst as easy as possible. Your transition to BancFirst will provide you with a full line of products and services. First and foremost, you will receive answers to all of your questions. Your local bankers at RCB and BancFirst Stroud are prepared to answer your questions. Just give us a call at (918) 968-3522 for RCB Stroud or (918) 968-2521 for BancFirst Stroud.

Questions and Answers
  • Will I get a new debit card? Yes. You will receive a BancFirst debit card in July. Activate your BancFirst debit card beginning July 21, 2023 by calling (888) 200-9149 or by performing a transaction at any ATM with Cirrus, and/or NYCE logos. After 11:00pm on July 20, 2023 your RCB debit card will no longer work. Click here for more information.

  • Will I be able to use my RCB checks? Your RCB checks will still work for a few weeks. We will send you a free order of replacement checks before July 21. Please begin using your new checks on July 21, and destroy your old checks.

  • Will my account number change? Your account number(s) will change. These new account numbers will appear on future notices and statements. If you have any questions about your new account number(s), call us at 918-968-2521

  • Will my interest rate change on my Certificate of Deposit (CD), Loan, or Individual Retirement Account (IRA)? No, we will honor the rates you negotiated with RCB without change until maturity.

  • Will I need to contact my list of direct deposits and direct debits? No. If you currently have ACH Debits or direct deposits, we will notify the originator and handle the change for you. If you have recurring charges scheduled on your current debit card, please contact those merchants and provide them with your BancFirst debit card information prior to July 20. 

  • Will I get a final statement from RCB? Yes. You will receive a final checking and savings account statement shortly after Friday, July 21.

  • What about Personal Online Banking?

    • You may enroll in BancFirst Personal Online Banking beginning at 8:00am on July 21, 2023. Click here for more information.

    • Your RCB Online Banking will be view only after 8:00am July 20, 2023.

    • Your RCB Bill Pay access will end at 2:00pm July 19, 2023. Scheduled bill pay payments after July 20, 2023 will not process.

  • Will my FDIC coverage change? No. If you hold accounts at both RCB and BancFirst, deposits are insured for at least six months from July 21, 2023. This grace period gives a depositor the opportunity to restructure accounts if necessary. Specific information regarding your FDIC coverage can be found at fdic.gov.


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