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Trust & Investment

Investment Services 

With more than $4 billion in assets under administration, BancFirst Trust & Investment Management employs full-time Investment Officers with the skills and experience necessary to adapt to an ever-changing world. Each holds the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation, which is considered among the highest credentials in the investment management profession and has on average over a decade of institutional investment management experience.

For more information about investment services, please contact your local BancFirst.

Comprehensive Investment Management and Consulting Program

We take time to learn about you, your investment goals and your risk tolerances in order to develop an investment strategy. Because each account has a unique purpose, we evaluate your investment options and recommend an investment objective that is tailored to the specific needs and restrictions of each account. Rather than offering a single investment approach, we have developed an asset allocation process that allows us to match the right types of securities with your unique needs. We research and analyze investment alternatives for your account and can either make the investment decisions on your behalf or provide recommendations allowing you to make the final investment decision. Either way, you know you have investment professionals working in your best interest.

Diversified Investment Options

Regardless of how conservative or aggressive your investment objective is, BancFirst Trust and Investment Management offers a wide range of investment options to meet your needs. We have many investment alternatives available including individual municipal, government and corporate bonds, individual common and preferred stocks, exchange traded funds and mutual funds. Our investment options are selectively screened to provide you with quality investments that can be used to build customized portfolios.

Consolidated Accounting and Safekeeping

Many individuals and organizations take advantage of our ability to consolidate all investments into a single investment report. We process all transactions including income payments, trade settlements, capital changes, bond calls, and redemptions. We can then report in a single statement all of your current holdings as well as your monthly transactions.

Transfers To and From Other BancFirst Accounts

We have the ability to transfer available funds to or from your BancFirst Trust and Investment Management account and other BancFirst accounts. Upon receiving appropriate authorization, these transfer requests are completed in a quick and timely manner often on the same business day.

Institutional Trading

Because of our institutional size, we are often able to block multiple trades of a security being bought or sold and may be able to obtain more advantageous pricing than a client could obtain on their own.

Broker/Dealer Due Diligence

We complete the due diligence on broker/dealers on your behalf. It is our policy to make security purchases and sales through reputable brokerage houses that will provide us with reliable services and information. We select and retain broker/dealers on the basis of the following criteria. All of this documentation is maintained in the brokerage file and is updated regularly.

  • The ability of the securities dealer and its subsidiaries to fulfill commitments as evidenced by capital strength, liquidity, and operating results.
  • The dealer's general reputation for financial stability and fair and honest dealings with customers.
  • Information available from state or federal securities regulators and securities industry self-regulatory organizations concerning formal enforcement actions against the dealer, its affiliates or associated personnel.
  • The background, experience and expertise of personnel with whom we will conduct business.
  • The good faith determination that such services are offered at a price or commission that is reasonable in relation to the value of the brokerage and research services provided (Best Execution Principal).

Policy Development and Maintenance

Our experts assist you in reviewing your current investment policy and objectives. If you do not have an investment policy that outlines your objectives and constraints, we can assist you in developing one that specifically meets your needs.

Performance Analysis Reports

BancFirst Trust and Investment Management will provide regular and timely reports that evaluate the performance of your portfolio, as measured by total return. Your portfolio can be compared to an appropriate benchmark to help you better understand how the portfolio is structured and how well it is accomplishing its purpose.

Committee and Board Presentations

We will meet with your committee or board to provide educational discussions of investment related issues. These meetings are designed to keep your committee or board informed about current market, economic and legal events that may impact your investment portfolio or your fiduciary responsibilities.