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Trust & Investment

Personal Trust 

BancFirst Trust and Investment Management is Oklahoma's premier trust and investment management organization. We offer a broad range of financial services, each specifically designed to assist our clients with their long-term financial objectives. We employ some of the most qualified and distinguished trust and investment professionals in the business, and each one is dedicated to service excellence - the standard at BancFirst.

For more information about personal trust services, please contact your local BancFirst.

Personal Trust Administration

From basic trusts to the most complex, multi-generational trust relationships, our Trust and Investment Management professionals are experienced in assisting you with the development and implementation of all types of estate planning strategies. Our professionals manage each account based on the unique needs of each beneficiary. In addition to providing comprehensive investment management services, we offer the management of a client's monthly expenses, quarterly estimated income tax payments and scheduled or periodic distributions.

Investment Management Services

The primary goal of effective investing is to structure an investment portfolio that will provide you with long-term financial security. Based on your unique investment goals and preferences, and using proven investment methodology, we will tailor a portfolio intended to provide an investment return commensurate with portfolio risk. To help you assess how well your portfolio is performing relative to your financial goals, we will provide you with periodic performance reports, calculated and verified using proven industry standards.

Financial Planning Services

At BancFirst Trust and Investment Management, we recognize that developing and implementing a comprehensive financial plan requires expertise from many complex disciplines. We employ a consultative approach to planning for your financial future including detailed evaluations of your estate plan, retirement plan, investment portfolio, insurance needs and potential tax consequences. Our Trust and Investment Management professionals will work closely with your attorney and accountant to understand your unique needs and to develop a comprehensive plan designed to meet your financial needs.

Probate & Estate Settlement

The role of personal representative can be a difficult and time intensive task. A personal representative's primary responsibilities are to assemble and safeguard the assets, file the will with the probate court, pay final claims and expenses, settle all tax obligations, distribute the net estate and provide a final accounting to the probate court while helping the family through a very difficult time. BancFirst Trust and Investment Management can be appointed and serve as agent for the personal representative.

Retirement Services

Whether your employer offers a complex retirement plan with employee deferrals or a more simple profit sharing or defined benefit plan, we offer the expertise and technology to meet your company's needs. In today's world of complex plan legal issues, it is important to have a plan provider with extensive expertise in retirement services. Our Trust and Investment Management professionals are experienced in tailoring retirement services to meet your individual situation. To help us better understand your needs, we will review your financial goals, and match our services to your individual needs. From a Self-Directed Individual Retirement Account (IRA), where you control all investment decisions to the Managed IRA where we manage the investment decisions, we have developed an array of service options that will assist our clients with their long-term financial objective.

Managed IRA

A BancFirst Managed IRA is a traditional IRA that our Trust and Investment Management Division manages on your behalf. After your investment goals and preferences are discussed, an investment allocation is designed to meet your unique needs. This allocation consists of selectively screened options ranging from a mix of fixed-income funds to various styles of equity funds depending upon your comfort level and your goals. The tax benefits of the Managed IRA are the same as the Traditional IRA. This is not an FDIC-insured investment.

Self-Directed IRA

With a Self-Directed IRA, BancFirst will serve as Custodian for your IRA and you will direct all investment decisions. BancFirst will provide all administrative and record keeping support. With a Self-Directed IRA, you have all the tax benefits of the Traditional IRA, but you direct the investments. This is not an FDIC-insured investment.

Oil & Gas and Real Estate Asset Management

Our oil and gas asset management team provides all accounting functions for oil and gas related transactions. To ensure accurate and efficient asset management, we maintain and track all records for productions, revenue and taxes, depletion, gas balancing and mineral leases on a property-by-property basis. From negotiating mineral leases to evaluating well proposals, our oil and gas professionals are experienced in all aspects of oil and gas asset management

Our real estate management team is experienced in managing all types of real estate related property from commercial real estate to farm and ranch properties. We ensure that all taxes are paid and that adequate property insurance is maintained, as well as negotiating property leases, collecting rent receipts, coordinating repairs and improvements, filing insurance claims, filing government programs and coordinating the sale of real estate properties.

Custodial Services

Custodial services allow investors who prefer handling their own investment research and making their own investment decisions to avoid the many tedious details associated with record keeping. With a BancFirst Trust and Investment Management Custodial Account, we secure physical possession and assume responsibility for the safekeeping of your securities with you retaining complete ownership and directing the investment decisions.