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At BancFirst, we know that timely financing can make all the difference for Oklahoma businesses. Our commercial lending team has in-depth knowledge of many industries, and can guide you to the right type of funding to expand your operation, purchase equipment, acquire real estate, or keep your agribusiness going strong.   

Working Capital Loans

Whether you need to finance account receivables, purchase inventory, or borrow short term for other purposes, a BancFirst working capital line of credit can provide the cash flow you need.

Term Loans

A term loan can help your company operate more efficiently and put it on a growth trajectory. Attractive rates and flexible repayment terms can provide financing for business expansion, equipment, or other capital requirements.

Construction Loans

Get the ball rolling on your next project. At BancFirst, we specialize in financing for residential, industrial, professional and commercial developments. Our mortgage lenders can also help convert construction loans to permanent mortgages.

Real Estate Loans

Expanding your headquarters? Opening a new satellite office or retail location? A real estate loan from BancFirst can provide the financing you need to make your next big move.

Energy Loans

Oil and gas play an important part in Oklahoma's economy and BancFirst knows this industry inside-out. Our energy specialists can help your company acquire funding to purchase property, conduct explorations, or assist in any aspect of your operations.

Agribusiness Loans

As long as settlers have been in Oklahoma, BancFirst has provided financing for farmers and ranchers. Our agribusiness lending specialists can present you with a range of options designed to meet your financial need. We're also one of Oklahoma’s largest participants in the guaranteed loan programs offered by the Farm Services Agency.

Special Purpose Loans

Business borrowing needs don’t always fit into a neat, pre-defined category. BancFirst lenders can shape loans that meet the unique demands of today’s economy and your individual situation.

SBA Loans

BancFirst is your link to exceptional loan programs offered by the U.S. Small Business Administration. As a certified and preferred lender, we have a team of SBA specialists who can tailor a loan to the individual needs of your business. 

To learn more or to apply for a commercial loan, contact us or visit one of our branches in Oklahoma. 

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