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BancFirst Corporation is an Oklahoma business corporation and a financial holding company under Federal law. It conducts virtually all of its operating activities through its principal wholly-owned subsidiary, BancFirst, a state-chartered bank headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. More Oklahoma households bank with BancFirst than any other bank. BancFirst serves over 60 communities from more than 100 service locations. BancFirst Corporation also conducts operating activities through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Pegasus Bank, a Texas state-chartered bank headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

BancFirst Corporation also owns 100% of BancFirst Insurance Services, Inc., an independent insurance agency, and 100% of Council Oak Partners LLC, an Oklahoma limited liability company engaged in investing activities.

BancFirst's strategy focuses on providing a full range of commercial banking services to retail customers and small to medium-sized businesses both in the non-metropolitan trade centers of Oklahoma and the metropolitan markets of Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Lawton, Muskogee, Norman and Shawnee. BancFirst operates as a “super community bank,” managing its community banking offices on a decentralized basis, which permits them to be responsive to local customer needs. Underwriting, funding, customer service and pricing decisions are made by Presidents in each market within the Company’s strategic parameters. At the same time, BancFirst generally has a larger lending capacity, broader product line and greater operational efficiencies than its principal competitors in the non-metropolitan market areas (which typically are independently-owned community banks). In the metropolitan markets served by BancFirst, our strategy is to focus on the needs of local businesses that are not served effectively by larger institutions.

BancFirst common stock is listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market and is traded under the symbol BANF. BancFirst trust preferred securities are listed on the NASDAQ Global Select Market and are traded under the symbol BANFP.

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Filing Description Filing Type Filing Date Event Date Format
Latest 10-K 10-K 2/25/22 12/31/21 pdf/html
Latest Proxy DEF 14-A 4/5/22 5/26/22 pdf/html
Latest Annual Report     12/31/21 pdf 
Latest 10-Q 10-Q 11/4/22 9/30/22 pdf/html
Latest Earnings Release   1/19/23 12/31/22 pdf
Quarterly Investor Presentation     9/30/22 pdf

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Principal executive offices:

100 N. Broadway
Oklahoma City, OK 73102
(405) 270-1086

Stock Transfer Agent:

BancFirst Trust and Investment Management
P.O. Box 26883
Oklahoma City, OK 73126
(405) 270-4797

For additional information, contact:

Kevin Lawrence
Executive Vice President
P.O. Box 26788
Oklahoma City, OK 73126
(405) 270-1003

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