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BancFirst Debit Card


No more check writing hassles when you shop with your BancFirst debit card. Just present your card at any debit card merchant and your purchase amount is automatically deducted from your checking account. Your debit card can be used to withdraw cash, transfer funds, and check balances 24-hours a day at most ATMs worldwide. You'll have no ATM fees when you use any BancFirst-owned ATM machine. Learn More


A BancFirst Business debit card allows a business owner, or their designee, to access funds at any merchant with a card instead of a check. This timesaving tool for businesses makes it easy to track business and personal expenses separately and reduces the need to keep cash on hand. Cards can be issued for employees with purchase and cash withdrawal limits set for each card.
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To report a lost or stolen BancFirst debit card, please call:
     Mastercard Debit Card    Call 1-855-889-9216
To activate your card:
     Mastercard Debit Card    Call 1-888-200-9149