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International Banking

BancFirst's International Trade Services Division offers a full range of international services managed by a staff of experienced professionals that are dedicated to giving you the highest quality of service.

Your business is unique and our services are customized to fit your needs. We invest time in listening, answering your questions, and providing creative solutions. We become familiar with your business and respond quickly to your requirements regardless of whether you are an exporter, importer, multi-national company or a first-time exporter.

For more information about international banking, please contact your local BancFirst.

Commercial Letters of Credit


BancFirst will issue letters of credit that protect you, while meeting your customers' needs. We will work with freight forwarders, customs brokers and foreign bankers to eliminate the usual hassles that are associated with commercial letter of credit transactions. Our experienced staff will examine documents with care and ensure prompt payment of goods if documents are in order.


To ensure prompt receipt of your funds, BancFirst provides fast and accurate letter of credit advising and negotiating services. Upon request, our staff will confirm or transfer your advised letter of credit and facilitate assignment of proceeds. 

Collection Services

BancFirst welcomes the opportunity to handle your international collection needs by offering both normal and direct collection services to meet your specific requirements. We will process your collections by the fastest means possible, so you receive prompt availability of your funds.

Documentary Collections

BancFirst's Documentary Collection Service provides security, control, and faster processing of drafts and shipping documents. This collection service also provides the exporter a less expensive alternative for trade transactions that do not require the level of security furnished by a letter of credit.

Direct Export Collections

BancFirst's Direct Export Collections give you faster service by providing your freight forwarder with forms that allow them to send your documentation directly to the buyer's bank.
International Check Collections
BancFirst's check collections, through our cash letter service, provides same day credit for most major foreign currency and U.S. dollar items drawn on a foreign bank.

International Money Transfers & Drafts

BancFirst has access to a large number of foreign correspondents in countries worldwide. Our staff is committed to processing your wires, and issues draft orders promptly and efficiently.


BancFirst is a member of the S.W.I.F.T. (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications) network, allowing quick and efficient delivery of wired funds, letters of credit, and communications that are needed.


BancFirst's foreign draft service allows you to have checks issued in foreign currencies that are payable in that country. These may be purchased through all of our banking centers.

Foreign Exchange

BancFirst has an extensive list of correspondent banks that enable us to trade in most currencies worldwide.

Trade Finance and Consulting

BancFirst's trade finance experts can help assess your foreign exposure and suggest strategies to mitigate risk. This can be done through letter of credit confirmations and export credit insurance. We also assist in arranging short- and medium-term financing for foreign buyers. This is an effective means of making your transactions more competitive.

BancFirst offers a Working Capital Guarantee Program through the Export-Import Bank of the United States. This program helps small and medium-sized businesses that have exporting potential but need funds to buy or produce goods, and/or to provide services, for export.

BancFirst also offers Banker's Acceptances. Our experienced staff will consult with you to explain the variety of trade transactions in which Acceptance Financing can work to your advantage. Acceptances may be used to finance both exports and imports by offering a means of short-term, fixed rate financing which may reduce interest expense.

For more information about BancFirst International Banking Services, call us at (405) 270-1000.